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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Pictures
Amnesty International and Frances Lincoln

I was very honoured to be one of 29 illustrators asked to contribute an illustration to this book. First published in 2008 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it has been translated into 33 languages and counting. An exhibition of the illustrations was held at the Gutman Museum of Art in Israel and a short animation based on the book was produced by a Palestinian NGO.

We Are All Born Free has been announced as an Outstanding International Book by the United States Board on Books for Young People and is the winner of Special Award given by the English Association in the English 4-11 Awards for Best Children’s Illustrated Books 2008.

‘…a ‘beautiful book’ in which ‘you’ll find thirty rules for the world to live by’ ‘ David Tennant

‘might be the most important (book) that you ever own.’ John Boyne

‘The UDHR is not the most obvious fodder for a picture book but once you’ve seen We Are All Born Free you’ll wonder what took them so long… A copy in every classroom would be a good start, particularly as royalties go to Amnesty International, but ideally every child should start life with one of their own.’ Telegraph



by Angela McAllister (Author) 
Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick (Illustrator)

‘Jasmine lives with her mother in a house with a lovely big sunny garden that has a climbing frame and a sandpit. One day they arrive home from shopping to find a lion in their house. This is a story where the child takes the lead both in the game and the action, and where the adult is unusually willing to engage in this imaginary world which determines the rest of their afternoon. As the story progresses, the lion features first as an idea (we don’t see him in the picture), then as a shadow, and as the game progresses he emerges in full colour. The story portrays a world where the mum has unlimited time to play along, where the sun shines and the child decides what happens next – pure childhood escapism! The watercolour imagery includes quirky touches where Jasmine builds a pyramid in the sandpit, the postman has a long pony-tail, and children will undoubtedly notice that the lion’s tail appears among the beautiful sunflowers in the final pages. Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick is a gifted illustrator, and the garden scenes offer scope for Japanese anemones, monbretia and more sunflowers. The light changes as the afternoon progresses and ochre shadows predominate, although some evening scenes look as if they were a little overexposed. This is a picturebook that will delight the under 5’s, who may even like to try this at home.’ Annie O’ Doherty, Inis Magazine



Poetry collection edited by Robert Dunbar and Gabriel Fitzmaurice, illustrated by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick
Publisher: Wolfhound Press

A vibrant, exciting collection featuring favorite poems from poets across the centuries and around the world. Poets include Shakespeare, Robert Burns, Robert Frost, Ted Hughes, Ezra Pound, and Wordsworth.